The Importance of Plants and Horticulture in the Skin Care Industry

It is common knowledge that majority of women are concerned and focused on their outward appearances. It does not necessarily equate to an obsession, but indeed, beauty and good looks are important for them. Different skin care products and methods are all the rage since before, and to be honest, there is no stopping yet.

With that said, it still stands that many are adamant on what they apply to their face, for example. Products out in the market have different manufacturing processes and they make use of various ingredients as well. Now, as consumers, a lot of people hesitate on buying these products because of the uncertainty of what effects they can bring to the skin. Though “tried and tested” campaigns and ads are present to alleviate such doubts, there are still reservations in the public.

But talks and claims like these are surely not unfounded. Some products do have substances that are harmful and harsh to the skin, leading it to be damaged. The popular saying goes, “No pain, no gain,” but in beauty, it does not have to be painful! This brings the realization that women (and even men) should be careful in the usage of any skin care product.

Nevertheless, the skin care industry has definitely gathered information and done their own research as they have started to develop healthy and organic products from plants. Going “natural” has appealed to the masses because of the perception that natural beget safety and security for their skin.

Plants come with numerous health benefits and when you incorporate those into a cosmetic product, there is no doubt it can help address skin care problems and with amazing results at that (though results will still vary among people). Skin care goods based from plants have so far become popular and companies have then produced more of them.

Horticulture has made happen what people wanted: products that not only make you beautiful on the surface, but those that nourish and protect the deep and inward elements of the skin. Plants are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, so they are certainly perfect in tending to the needs of the body’s layers.

All this then suggests that plants and gardening are important for you and on the whole, nature as well. Having your own set of plants and even flowers to take care of can create a whole new level of experience for you, and again, it promotes good health and the mere activity of horticulture is definitely therapeutic.

If you are, by far, a user of skin care products, and you believe in the organic kinds that plants produce, you can get in touch with horticulture experts in Leeds if you want to further explore gardening and whatnot. They also can assist you in any landscaping project you might endeavor too.

Skin care has never been the same again because of plants. They have helped expand the industry, wherein the ecological route has won over the too-scientific one. Looking after your skin has undeniably been enriched; it is almost an art.

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The 5 Essentials of Losing and Maintaining Your Weight

weighing scaleWhy do most people find it difficult to lose weight? Losing weight is difficult as it is, but why is gaining it so much easier? This is just one of the many questions that diet watchers ask. Anyone would like to lose weight and keep that weight. Who would want to lose those extra pounds only to return to the same and earn more of the original weight you lost? Losing and keeping your weight is the most challenging work of any weight loss enthusiast. However, what should be done to keep the weight you desire? Achieving the desired weight only to gain it back after some months is the most common complaint of people on crash diets and even those who subscribed to a weight loss program.

What makes an individual maintain the weight he achieved? Here are the 5 essentials of losing and maintaining the desired weight:

Exercise is an essential part of losing and maintaining weight. You can very well verify that with any weight loss center specialist as well as stories of personal experience from people you know. You can actually get testimonies over the internet of how difficult it was for them and how difficult keeping the weight. Without exercise, any diet and weight loss program will be ineffective without any amount of exercise.

The normal process of the body in losing weight is burning the stored fat and carbohydrates to utilize as energy for activities. Therefore, if there is no activity that will burn the excess fat stored in your body, you should look for an activity where to burn these fats. If you don’t much fat, then there is no reason to eat more. This way, you are controlling what you take in relation to what you burn.

Weight loss is different from weight training. Weight loss can be achieved by many ways. Weight training is one of them. Weight training is going to the gym, working out or running on a treadmill or jogging for two hours. It is intensive workout and lots of work on your part.

Weight training is helping the muscle burn the calories and fats that is already stored in the body. When you train for weight, you are helping and boosting the body to use the stored calories in order to achieve weight loss. However, you should be careful in weight training as after the workout you may tend to eat a lot only to regret it later. Keep the food in small amounts, yet frequent to satisfy your hunger. This way, you don’t feel like you are starving yourself.

Maintain a fit and healthy body, not a slim body. Many people who desire to lose weight have the misconception that slim is healthy. This is not the case. There are people who were born with big bones that to look slim will be quite an impossible task to achieve. It is better to focus on maintaining a fit and healthy body rather than look forward to be thin. Build on muscles instead of a slim figure. This way, you know that you are investing in strength and endurance and good physique.

Take note of the reason why you over eat. What do you usually feel when you eat a lot? Did you had a fight with your partner and suddenly had the urge to eat one gallon of chocolate ice cream? Or perhaps order two servings of personal pizza? Depression and anxiety are two of the most common emotions that trigger a person to eat the so-called comfort foods.

These comfort foods are foods that are usually associated with a happy feeling like ice cream, cake and other party foods. Taking note of these foods will help you avoid them later on and focus on a much more constructive way to deal with your emotions.

Support Group. An effective support group is essential to keep you on the right track of weight loss and maintenance. Deciding to consult and lose weight alone is a struggle, so it would be helpful if you could join any support group. They will be the company you keep when you jog in the morning or people you can call to when you wanted to reach out for that chocolate cake in the fridge to drive away your sad feelings.

You can always lose weight with any medication or training program, but without these 5 essentials, any weight loss will be difficult to maintain. It is vital that you have at least 5 of these factors to help you navigate and maintain your direction to the path of weight loss and maintenance.

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How Window Blinds Can Save Your Skin From Damaging UV Rays

From common knowledge, it is known that the skin composes the most, if not all, part of the human’s body. This outer covering is the largest organ and it plays many roles relating to immunity, temperature and sensation, among others.

Therefore, it is only right that you protect it. Whatever the colour of your skin is, you must still make the effort to guard and shield it from further damage. There are many ill effects that can come with negligence. Itches, rashes and blisters are several examples for them. There are even chronic skin conditions like acne and eczema that you may suffer from.

A major cause of damaged skin would be the exposure to the sun. This kind of natural light comes with ultraviolet (UV) rays that do very much impairment not just in the physical aspect but deep down as well. Though a bit of sunlight can be good – you get to enjoy some Vitamin D too – but when you stay under the sun for long, that is the time when the UV rays can affect you, and in a bad way at that.

You might think you are just aging normally with the wrinkles and spots you may have noticed in your face, for instance, but in reality, those are the consequences as you have not hid away from the sunbeams. And if you are not one to be careful and cautious at all, and you continue to “enjoy” the sun because you want to have a tan, for example, then be prepared to face the outcomes. A common one would be to experience sunburns. The elasticity and strength of your skin will deteriorate as well. The worst scenario would be that you will experience the big C, cancer – skin cancer.

Now, a solution that you can go by is to employ the help of window blinds. For homes and other structures, the windows are openings that can let in sunlight at any time, especially when there is no covering at all. This also raises the concern that a window should not be left open and uncovered. Such state can, again, harm you and your skin from the unwanted entry of the UV rays. On top of that, this will give you and your fellow residents with less or no privacy and protection.

That is why you should go and invest on blinds. It is a smart take on window concealment because it accomplishes all the roles expected of it from blocking sunlight and upholding seclusion and safety. Wouldn’t it be nice that you can just operate it to open or close according to your preferences? Yes, you can have these options when you set up your own.

Having blinds perfect fit is a better choice too as installation as well as cleaning and maintenance will be a no-brainer. The blinds fit directly to the frame, so you can have them instantly put up. The concern here would only be just the correct measurements.

Supposing you are mindful of your skin, window blinds would be a resolution to delve into.

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How To Garden Without Getting Gardener’s Hands

Gardening is, of course, known to be a therapeutic activity for anyone who engages in it. But it still stands that many do not go for it (especially women), knowing that it can come with dirty and effort-full work. They are just not up for such a job.

But with this pastime, you get to enjoy nature and that will be advantageous for your health. As you breathe and smell fresh air, you can be regenerated, more so when you are so used to the buzz and pollution of the urban life. And more than that, you get to contribute to the environment’s overall state. Isn’t it very rewarding?

Also, when you come up with a beautiful garden space, you will get to increase the value of your property. With such visual change and improvement, outsiders will surely appreciate the entirety of your residence, which is complemented with an attractive yard.

Hence, from these benefits alone, you should really be convinced to go gardening! Even without exactly a green thumb, you can do it. Do not be intimated. Then again, this brings us back to the concern: “How do I garden without really getting gardener’s hands?”

Well, first off, using gloves is essential. There are gloves made of fabric or latex and it is with your discretion on which you choose. You can even use both to have two layers that will surely be effective in keeping out dirt. Remember to opt for a size that really fit your hands for easier hold and movement.

You can go and utilise your bare hands but afterwards, you must be thorough in cleaning. Scrub them in soapy water and even delve into areas like under your fingernails, especially if you have long ones. Do not touch your face – eyes, nose and mouth, among others – unless you have already finished washing up.

Before even wearing the gloves, you should apply lotions and moisturisers to your hands. This is to shield them from grime that can be accumulated and as you clean up, all those dirt will easily come off.

Take advantage of hand creams too. There are those that you can lather before and/or after your gardening session. Many products are available in the market and there are DIY (Do It Yourself) ones that you can try out too.

Supposing you are really concerned of your hands but you still want to garden, then maybe potted plants can be an alternative. Because they are in pots or beds, you are only going to be involved with flora with limited or not so much soil.

Garden designers and landscape gardeners woolwich are very much in touch with this whole process – maybe even every day. At any rate, you should take inspiration from them that this is what they do and if they can do this act, you can do it too, even simply as you are just beginning.

Having a garden is essential but learning to cultivate and take care of it is such a fulfilling experience overall.

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Natural Glowing Skin and Hair

A little glow on your skin and hair can boost your confidence, making you feel good and look beautiful. More importantly, glowing skin and hair make you face the day and whatever it may bring you. Before we start with any beauty regimen, achieving that much desired glow comes from within. We are all aware that whatever we put in is always reflected on the outside. This means, eating right and exercising on a regular basis to eliminate toxins.

Eating and Drinking Right

Drink water on an empty stomach the moment you wake up. Research has shown that doing this not only removes toxins, it also cleanses our internal system. Eat 45 minutes after drinking water for the cleansing to be more effective.IMG_6351 (1)

Antioxidant rich fruits, nuts and vegetables enhances your glow from within. They also fight radicals that causes pre-mature aging. Eat a lot of dark green vegetables like broccoli and kale. Add in tomatoes, carrots, nuts and berries, tuna and salmon. These are anti-inflammatory food and helps with that added glow from within. Be generous with garlic. Grill your salmon topped with walnuts and use olive oil.


Sweat it out

Go for a run. Ride your bike. Walk around the neighborhood. Do some gardening. Do anything that gets you sweating.  Sweating eliminates toxic chemicals that form beneath your skin. Exercising also burns fat, maintains healthy blood circulation throughout the body including your skin, and you’ll feel great too. Regular is the keyword. Exercise regularly, at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes to get that glow you really want.


Hair and Skincare

The skincare products you use must be organic and natural. Remember that whatever you use on your hair and skin will be absorbed in your bloodstream and used by the food you eat.


Crabtree and Evelyn’s Conditioning Shampoo and their Conditioner are made of natural fruit and vegetable essences. You’ll love the Citron, Honey & Coriander Conditioning Shampoo. It also comes in a separate Conditioner for that added glow to your hair. Try their Avocado, Olive & Basil Conditioning Shampoo for that healthy glow on your hair.

Relish a supple and smooth skin using Crabtree & Evelyn’s soap and body wash with flower essences. The natural scent of English Honey and Peach Blossom Body Wash adds a natural fragrance to that skin glow. I also use the English Honey and Peach Blossom Moisturizing Cream to firm and brighten my skin especially during a particularly dry season.


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